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Supply Chain Certifications

The world is in the midst of industrial revolution, emerging pressure of the environment and sustainability, are forcing organization to consider global supply chain operations solutions that are customer centric, faster and sustainable. This helps professionals understand current global supply chain and logistics management trends and beyond, ethical procurement practices, and approaches to   supply chain sustainability.

Supply Chain Audit

Most internal and external audit work focused on financial transaction and controls. In the recent past, organizations have been adding supply chain audits as part of the  auditors’ scope, as a result of organizations experiencing a rise in supply chain costs  due to offering more products and sales channels. Supply chain audits present an opportunity for both internal and external audit teams to look at the supply chain organizations and make sure they are doing things to control costs and mitigate risk factors. This can be done through understanding the role of supply chain in  organizations, and the role of audits on pre-tender, supplier selection and post- tender contract management.

Executive Coaching

Coaching offer practical experience in the techniques and skills of the coaching profession. Coaching has proven to be 60% more effective than formal training in improving performance. It was found that training alone increased productivity by 22.4%, whilst it delivered an 88% improvement when combined with coaching.Coaching helps supply chain individuals to break free of self-imposed limits, get clarity on their goals, and adopt to change without fear; and with more determination to excel in their careers. 

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