Remoulding Your Existing Supply Chains to Perform at Greatest Potential


NADHIFU CONSULTANCY was founded to provide supply chain (Warehousing & Inventory Management, Logistics, Procurement, Humanitarian Supply Chain, Healthcare Supply Chain) solutions through training, consulting and education to bring efficiency and effectiveness of organizations value chain through partnership with internationally recognized affiliates.

Secondly, executive coaching leads to self-discovery. Through our certified executive consultants and trainers, NADHIFU is able to use coaching concepts in their programms to assist coaches and organizations in achieving their maximum in what they do at work and in their lives. Research indicates that coaching has proven to be over 60% more effective than formal training in improving performance. Training alone can increase productivity by 22.4%, delivering a total of 88% improvement when combined with coaching.

Our team of international professional consultants, partners and affiliates have vast industry experience across the globe having held different senior positions in supply chain management is able to transfer practical knowledge to our customers.


Sustainable Procurement

Businesses today focus on the total cost of ownership through sustainable Procurement compared to the traditional Procurement, which focused mainly on value for money consideration. Focusing on value for money only in the procurement process does not give value to your organization and its stakeholders. 

Sustainable Procurement (SP) is the adoption and integration of social and environmental (corporate social responsibility) principles into your procurement process. Organizational commitment to sustainable Procurement enhances integration of the business core values into the supply chain and life cycle of its products and services.

Warehousing & Inventory Management

Organizations are changing warehousing and inventory management from a cost centre functions to a profit centre function through the adoption of automated material handling systems, the use of warehouse management systems, robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automated Picking Tools, Automated Guided Vehicles, Barcode Screening and RFID scanning, Automated Inventory Control Platforms and the use of Voice Technology. These technologies are employed to control inventory holding levels, minimise costs and bottlenecks, manage current and future stock requirements, maintain required service levels for internal and external customers and enhance upstream and downstream control.

Supply Chain & Logistics

The world is in the midst of industrial revolution, emerging pressure of the environment and sustainability, are forcing organization to consider global supply chain operations solutions that are customer centric, faster and sustainable. This helps professionals understand current global supply chain and logistics management trends and beyond, ethical procurement practices, and approaches to supply chain sustainability. This is geared towards driving growth, enhance collaboration within the supply chain, and drive sustainability.

Healthcare Supply Chain

Healthcare supply chain is a new way of conceptualizing medical supply management. Now, as the world head into the new decade, the supply chain appears set to continue along the path of holistic partnership with other departments and operational performance improvement. Its focus is on ensuring that healthcare resources are procured and delivered in an efficient and timely manner to different locations of the global supply chain.